Storage Tank Management

Storage Tank Management

Storage tanks are located underground or above ground. Underground Storage Tanks (UST) systems were often constructed of bare or coated steel that would corrode, deteriorate, and leak over time. There are a wide variety of conditions and situations where USTs were utilized. Above Ground Storage Tanks (ASTs) are permitted in several situations. Leakage from tanks, lines, pumps, and system fittings were common in older and even in new storage systems. Investigations are completed on storage tank systems to determine the exact location of the tank systems and if a release has occurred. The next step is to determine the location and extent of the contamination that resulted from leaks and spills. These investigations are completed to develop a strategy to provide a cost effective remediation plan to manage the storage tanks and clean up a release.

Northwest Environmental employees have experience on managing storage tanks on both small and large scale systems. We have worked with owners and operators of storage tanks of many sizes and configurations.

Northwest Environmental storage tank assessments often consist of:

  • Storage Tank Testing
  • Completion of a Sub-Surface Investigation. This investigation may consist of completion of soil borings and construction of groundwater monitoring wells.
  • Soil and Groundwater Sampling and Testing
  • Contaminant Plume Delineation
  • Remediation of impacted soil and groundwater
  • Closure of the Regulated Release

There are often reimbursement programs to assist the storage tanks owner or operator with the expenses associated with the investigation and remediation. Northwest Environmental is experienced and proficient with these programs to complete closure of your site with minimal expense to the owner.

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