Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments in Rockford, IL

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Prior to purchasing or selling property or buildings, many property owners, financial institutions and real estate developers require a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment to be completed. The purpose of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is to provide relevant information to identify recognized environmental conditions that could significantly affect the value of the property and limit the potential use of the property. Northwest Environmental’s assessments are conducted using a phased approach to provide a cost effective process to produce efficient and effective investigations based on the site-specific conditions. Our staff follows the ASTM guidelines for All Appropriate Inquiry into property transactions. We have the experience to identify potential or existing environmental conditions and make recommendations and solutions to help a real estate transaction be completed easily and to minimize future risk to the purchaser. Northwest Environmental real estate transaction services include

  • ASTM Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • ASTM Phase II Subsurface Investigations
  • Soil and Groundwater Investigations and Testing
  • Soil Gas Evaluation, Testing, and Remediation
  • Underground Storage Tank Management and Removal
  • Hazardous Waste Removal
  • Site Remediation Services

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