Indoor Air Quality Testing in Rockford, IL

The quality of the air inside your business could cause subtle issues you and your employees may not realize, including headaches, coughs, and other allergy-like symptoms. If you have a home or business in or near Rockford, IL, turn to our experienced team at Northwest Environmental for comprehensive indoor air quality testing.

Our Testing

Effective indoor air testing will pick up several different contaminants. At Northwest Environmental, we ensure thorough testing for asbestos, mold, and soil gas vapor.


Asbestos is present in many older structures. And this mineral can be an issue if you decide to renovate because it can create health problems like lung cancer. Because of this, an asbestos inspection may be required if you plan to update your older building.

Our team at Northwest Environmental can check for asbestos that impacts your building’s air quality to keep you, your employees, and your customers safe.


You and your employees may keep an eye of for visible signs of mold, but mold doesn’t always grow in places that are easy to see.

At Northwest Environment, we can locate where the mold is, what caused it, and how pervasive the issue is. During our air quality testing process, we send samples to a lab that reports what types of mold are present in your building. With this information, we will be able to improve the air quality of your building and find and remove dangerous mold growths and spores.

Soil Gas Vapor

Our indoor air quality testing can determine if nearby sources of petroleum have entered into your building. This vapor can create several health risks to you and your employees, and so our testing process will carefully inspect in, around, and below your building for issues.

Our Experience

Our team has more than 30 years of experience, and we’ve worked with commercial and residential clients throughout Northern Illinois. If you are concerned about the air quality of your home or business, contact us today for a proposal and site evaluation in Rockford, IL.